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Welcome to Sweet Beet Vegan Kitchen, a passionate catering company based in Amsterdam that offers a delicious plant based menu. Great that you are looking at our website and are interested in a vegan lifestyle. We can help you get your ‘100 % vegan experience’ with plant based possibilities that are not only tasty but also are presented in a colourful and creative way.

Due to the Corona virus, we have adjusted our catering for this period. We now package our lunches individually in biodegradable bags. If you prefer your catering in the ordinary way we can always see how we can provide this in a corona-proof way.

vegan kitchen watermelon radish radijsjes vegan kitchen sandwich-series

Everyone then has their own bag with content and can easily enjoy a delicious vegan lunch from a distance.

For 10.50 euros per person we can offer:

Option 1
* Whole grain bun with hummus, arugula, iceberg salad, arugula,cucumber and tomato
* Sweet potato empanada
* Lentil bulghur salad with peas and sundried tomato. Served with a sweet and sour dressing and sunflower seeds
Option 2
* Cheese sandwich, mustard, mayonnaise, iceberg salad, arugula, cucumber and tomato
* Italian vegetable quiche
* Quinoah salad with sweet potato, chickpeas and mango. Served with a sweet and sour dressing
Option 3
* Whole grain bun with vegan “egg salad” of lupine beans, arugula, iceberg salad, cucumber and tomato
* Greek salad of iceberg salad, cucumber, tomato, olives and feta cheese. Topped with Greek olive oil and oregano
* Spinach and sundried tomato quiche

Minimum purchase 4 people.

In consultation the menus can be adjusted and possibly supplemented with delicious homemade banana lemon cake, fruit or a drink. Prices on request.

Dinner options on request from 12.00 per person.

So if you are ready for an exciting ‘vegan experience’, you have come to the right place!

vegan kitchen beetroot-avocado-sandwich vegan kitchen Bloody-beety-juicy-chiaseed-coconut-coriander-fruity-after-dinner-dessert.-With-frozen-strawberries-and-crispy-romanesco

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