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Welcome to Sweet Beet Vegan Kitchen, a passionate catering company based in Amsterdam that offers a delicious plant based menu. Great that you are looking at our website and are interested in a vegan lifestyle. We can help you get your ‘100 % vegan experience’ with plant based possibilities that are not only tasty but also are presented in a colourful and creative way.

We can also offer our lunches corona proof. Everyone gets their own paper bag filled with our goodies. This way you can enjoy your meal in a safe way.

vegan kitchen watermelon radish radijsjes vegan kitchen sandwich-series

Everyone then has their own bag with content and can easily enjoy a delicious vegan lunch from a distance.

Lunch options from 14.50 euro a person. Vegan and gluten free from 17.50 euro.

Option 1
* Whole grain bun with hummus, arugula, iceberg salad, arugula,cucumber and tomato
* Sweet potato empanada
* Lentil bulghur salad with peas and sundried tomato. Served with a sweet and sour dressing and sunflower seeds
Option 2
* Cheese sandwich, mustard, mayonnaise, iceberg salad, arugula, cucumber and tomato
* Italian vegetable quiche
* Quinoah salad with sweet potato, chickpeas and mango. Served with a sweet and sour dressing
Option 3
* Whole grain bun with vegan “egg salad” of lupine beans, arugula, iceberg salad, cucumber and tomato
* Greek salad of iceberg salad, cucumber, tomato, olives and feta cheese. Topped with Greek olive oil and oregano
* Spinach and sundried tomato quiche

Minimum purchase 4 people.

In consultation the menus can be adjusted and possibly supplemented with delicious homemade banana lemon cake, fruit or a drink. Prices on request.

Dinner options on request from 17.50 per person. Dinner is a great warm meal served with a salad. Email us for more info.

So if you are ready for an exciting ‘vegan experience’, you have come to the right place!

vegan kitchen beetroot-avocado-sandwich vegan kitchen Bloody-beety-juicy-chiaseed-coconut-coriander-fruity-after-dinner-dessert.-With-frozen-strawberries-and-crispy-romanesco

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