• Lunch

    • A mix of luxury bread rolls filled with a variety of fillings (at 6,50 euros)

      - cheese, chutney and salad
      - hummus, grilled vegetables and salad
      - smokey tofu, mayonnaise and rucola salad
      - cheese, mayonnaise,thinly sliced pickled beetroot and spinach
      - tofu scrambled egg with grilled vegetables and salad

    • Home made salads (at 4.50 euro a person)

      - Quinoa salad with sweet potato, caramelised onions, green peas, chick peas and rucola. Served with a vinaigrette dressing.
      - Lentil salad with bulghur, spinach, cherry tomatoes and kiwi. Served with a spicy dressing.
      - Green mixed salad with a variety of green salads (rucola, iceberg salad, green salad etc.) tomato, sun dried tomato and roasted sunflower seeds. Served with a sweet and sour dressing.
      - Brown rice salad with red paprika, celery, apple and cashew nuts. Served with a soya lemon dressing.

    • Home made quiches - serves about 10 people (at 38 euro a quiche)

      - Italian vegetables, sun dried tomato and cheese quiche
      - Crunchy broccoli, caramelised onions and cheese quiche
      - Spicy sweet potato, spinach and cheese quiche
      - Fried garlic mushrooms, thinly sliced leeks, rice cream and cheese quiche

    • Home made soup (at 5.75 euro a person)

      - Moroccan lentil soup with carrots, potatoes and onions. Spicy but not too spicy! Served with coriander on the side.
      - Pumpkin, mango and coconut soup. Sweet and exotic. Served with coriander on the side.
      - Greek chickpea soup with lemon and parsley.
      - Thai peanut soup with sweet potato. Served with crispy onions, coriander and cassava crackers.
      - Sun dried tomato soup with cashew cream. Served with roasted chick peas.

    • Diner

    • Thai Delight

      - Rice noodles with vegetables of the season, bean-sprouts and cocosmilk
      - Green beans in curry sauce with lemon leaves and coriander
      - Sate skewer made of tempeh in a spicy, but not too spicy, peanut sauce
      - Green salad with mango and a tangy dressing Cassava crackers, fried crunchy onions and pickles
      vegan green bean curry

    • Viva Italia

      - Lasagna filled with mushrooms, spinach and tomato Melitzana Cashewana
      - Aubergine dish with cashew cheese sauce Courgette filled with paprika and mushrooms
      - Well filled mixed salad of the season with a sweet and sour dressing and roasted seeds
      - Sun dried tomato tapenade with bread
      - Olive mix

    • Japan Lovers

      - Udon noodles with green beans, white cabbage, carrots, and marinated tempeh
      - Yasai Itame; a mix of delicious fresh vegetables served with beansprouts
      - Pumpkin salad with sea spaghetti
      - Luke warm spinach salad with sesame seeds and ginger
      - Japanese pickles and cassava crackers

    • Gluten Free

      - Quinoa with caramelised carrots, green peas, cabbage and tempeh, dressed with a tasty peanut sauce. Served luke warm.
      - Oven baked chicory in a white sauce with cheese
      - Pulled mushrooms in a spicy barbecue sauce
      - Well filled mixed salad of the season with a sweet and sour dressing and roasted seeds
      - Sweet potato hummus served with seed crackers

    • Boomshankar

      - Roasted cauliflower curry with lemon and ginger. Served with pandan rice - Aloo tikki. Potato cookies filled with spicy green peas - Red lentil dal with coconut milk and turmeric - Raita. Soya yoghurt dip with cucumber - Mango chutney - Pappadums

    • Go East

      - Luke warm bulghur salad with fresh veggies and sweet potato
      - Lebanese fatteh. Aubergine with red peppers and chick peas. A little spicy. Served with soya yoghurt
      - Paprika's filled with mushrooms and caramelised onions
      - Well filled mixed salad of the season with a sweet and sour dressing and roasted seeds
      - Hummus and turkish bread

    • Dinner is a rich and nourishing meal. The warm dishes come in special boxes to keep it warm until the dish is ready to be served. Minimum order 8 persons.
      (Prices from 28 euro a person)

    • Party Time

    • Snacks
      (2 euro a piece)

      - skewers with olives and sundried tomatoes
      - skewers with date, apricot, and smoked sesame tofu
      - skewers with seitan chorizo and olive

    • Sandwich triangles
      (2 euro for 2 pieces)

      - cheese, chutney and salad
      - seitan salami, pickle and salad
      - 'egg salad', mayonnaise and salad
      - cucumber, mayonnaise and dill

    • Snacks
      (2.50 euro a piece)

      - crostini with tomato tapenade and arugula
      - mini mini quiche with leek, champignion and cheese - wrap with hummus, red pepper and salad
      - wrap with home made guacamole, crispy onions and salad
      - wrap with caramelized onion, carrot, fresh spinach, spicy hummus and chickpeas
      - pizza squares of wholemeal dough with home made tomato vegetable sauce and cheese
      vegan pizza snack

    • Mixed types of luxury mini rolls filled with different ingredients
      (3.50 euro a piece)

      - cheese, salad, tomato, alfalfa and chutney
      - hummus, grilled vegetables, and salad
      - smoked tofu, iceberg salad, rucola salad and mayonnaise
      - cheese, thinly sliced beetroot, spinach, crispy onions and mayonnaise
      - tofu "scrambled" egg with grilled vegetables and salad

    • Snacks
      (3.50 euro a piece)

      - soft Vietnamese rice spring roll stuffed with tofu, celery, carrot, coriander, crispy onions and much more. Served with a peanut dip sauce
      - couscous salad with sundried tomato, olive and cherry tomatoes, served in a bamboo bowl
      - cashew cheese served with smoked tofu chunks in satay sauce, served on a small bamboo plate
      - beet carpaccio on a bed of iceberg salad served on a small plate

    • Sweets

    • Delicious homemade cakes

      One cake is enough for about 10 people
      (37.50 euro per cake)


      - Moist, delicious carrot cake with hemp seeds for an extra crispy surprise, topped with a 'sweet beet' lemon icing
      - Rich avocado chocolate cake topped with sweet mango coconut cream
      - Banana dream cake with poppy seeds and a coconut banana topping, sprinkled with a thin layer of roasted quinoa

      vegan carrot-cake